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Calling all creative types – Have you ever wanted to become part of an interactive, immersive experience that brings joy and inspiration to others? Help us generate long lasting memories by stepping inside our world and becoming a part of the scene at this year’s Dos Equis Monster Bash on Saturday, October 29th, 2016. Party it up with 15,000 revelers who will have their eyes on you and YOUR unique expression of our themes! Even better, gather your whole crew and go BIG – all while partying for FREE.

Pick one of our four themes that spark your inspiration

  • · Enter the realm of the Wicked Whitelands, where all color has been drained and all that remains are disturbingly blank creatures that lurk in the icy shadows as revelers are hyped by world class DJ’s playing bone chilling beats.
  • · Tortured takes on childhood tales come alive within the sinister scene of Scary Tales where guests will be treated to killer DJ sets all night long.
  • · Discarded dolls take over the street to seek their revenge as you dance unabashed beneath their hollow eyes and cracked faces at the Dollhouse Stage. 
  • · You may be able to hide your face, but you can’t hide your desire at the Dos XX Masquerade where hidden glances and lustful mystery fill the air.
  • · The 90’s Horror House is a special hideaway for our Monster Bash VIPS. This bloody block of terror is home to your favorite iconic 90’s stars that have faced a perilous fate while old school hip hop will be bumping and heads will roll.

Put together a costume and a totem that matches the theme. Get creative! Please plan ahead and send us a general overview of what you are planning on doing. We will offer you our inspiration and advice to help take your ideas to the next level. Involve your friends and go all out!

Get Social –Leading up to the event we ask that you curate a total of 6 posts minimum on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can work with you to create a timeline that works for you as well as suggest content and giveaways.

Come Out And PARTY – Party it up in the themed area that matches your outfit for a minimum of two hours. As one of our exclusive experience generators, you will receive a VIP ticket to San Diego Monster Bash, including EIGHT free drinks, access to private restrooms, a private VIP lounge, and discounted drinks all night long. Get your crew together and make a night out of it – ALL experience generators will receive free entry with VIP treatment. You will also have the choice to be a part of our pre-event television segments – a once in a lifetime opportunity that is not to be missed (and your chance to show off on national television)

Interested in being a part of the magic, mystery, and lustful horror at Monster Bash? Fill out your information below and one of our experience generator liaisons will reach out to you to go over your ideas.


    We could not put on San Diego Monster Bash without our amazing volunteers. Please check out our available opportunities to get involved with San Diego’s Biggest Halloween Festival.

  • · Cob Webb and decorating Volunteers – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    Placing Cobb Webb all around the venue and assisting with decorating
  • · Costume Contest Judges and Check – In – 5:00 PM to Midnight –
    Assist with signing people up, pre-judging and assisting at Stage for contest
  • · Costume Contest Wranglers – 10:00 PM to Midnight
    Assisting with getting people up on the stage, getting photos taken and passing out winners
  • · Back Stage Host/Hostesses – 4:00 PM to Midnight
    Making sure all the DJ and entertainer coolers are stocked and that back stage is nice and neat and handling entertainment
  • · Gogo and Live Performer Assistants – 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM
    Making sure all gogos and live performers are going out on time, in correct costumes, making sure hospitality is taken care of
  • · Production Assistance – 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM and 4:00 PM to Midnight
    Assist with overall production and Managers of Monster Bash
  • · Experience Generators – 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
    Assist in adding to the overall experience of San Diego Monster Bash by putting together a costume and a totem that matches the theme of one of the stages. Get creative! Please plan ahead and send us a general overview of what you are planning on doing.
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A Block Party Guide To Totems

The Pole:
This is the most important part of the entire totem, yet the most overlooked. If the pole isn’t able to support the weight of your design, it won’t last through your relentless partying.
  • PVC Pipe: This is a great light weight option. You will need a method of securing any joints in the PVC pipe so it does not fall apart when you are dancing around with it. Duct tape is great for this.
  • Light Wood: While this is a sturdy option, it does carry a bit more weight than the other options. 
  • Aluminum or Polycarbonate Telescoping Poles:  Some options for this are telescoping flag poles, camera poles, and pool cleaner poles. Just make sure the pole is lightweight and not solid metal. Pool cleaner poles, once you remove the net, the frame of the net can easily support a sign with plenty of surface area to attach to


Totem 2
The Totem:
Imagination is key when it comes to the most fun part of creating a totem – the focal point! Keep in mind the below while creating your totem for maximum effect.
  • Weight: Don’t make your totem too heavy – it should be light enough to dance with comfortably throughout the night. 
  • Lights: Light up the night!! El wire and battery operated led lights are ideal for totems and allow your work to be seen from far away –and- throughout the night!

Totem 1

Thank you to our partner at San Diego City College